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Great Ideas: Prepare to Succeed

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Great Ideas: Prepare to Succeed

Mensaje  Mary el Lun Jun 27, 2011 6:52 pm

In order to have a successful direct sales home party, you need to prepare to have a successful direct sales home party. There are right ways and wrong ways to do a demonstration. For our purposes, we will borrow the motto of the Boy Scouts: Be Prepared.

It is extremely important that stay at home mom businesses take their direct sales career seriously and prepare to succeed by following these simply home party ideas prior to direct sales home parties.

First, dress well.

You don't have to go out and spend a fortune on new clothes, but make sure that what you are wearing is professional.

No jeans, shorts, or flip flops.

Wear a nice business outfit, or something you would wear at church.

Next, show up on time, meaning at least one half hour prior to the start of the party. You will need this time to set up your direct sales home party presentation and to go over last minute details with your home party hostess. You do not want to be setting up in a hurry after some of the guests have arrived. In fact, you want to be greeting the guests with the hostess and introducing yourself.

Though these things may seem basic, they are necessary to having a successful business.

What to Bring to Your Direct Sales Home Party
These next home party ideas deal specifically with the items you need to bring with you to each and every party. Use this as a checklist to prepare for your direct sales home parties.

Your demonstration products
Collapsible table(s) and tablecloth(s)
Props for display
Prizes for guests
Party Plan Theme Book
Your Date Book
2-dozen pens
Change (dollars, quarters, etc)
Lap boards
Business Cards
Product information/Replacement parts catalogs
Page protected catalog (optional)
Index cards for games
Other game materials
Your upline's or manager's contact information
The Accordion File

The Accordion File

If you take away nothing else from this page on Mi Portal de Ventas, take away the concept of the accordion file. This is a great way to organize your direct sales home parties supplies in a way that is convenient, compact, and complete.

The accordion file can be purchased at any office supply store for under $15. It is made of heavy duty cardboard and has several file pockets on the interior. There you can organize your party paperwork to make it easily mobile.

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